Deep Pragatya and Welcome of Chief Guest

Garba Performance by Nursery Students

Dance Performance By Pre-Nursery students

Ek Biladi Jaadi dance performance by Nursery Students

Cultural Fashion Show by KG-1 Student

Swachh Bharat Skit by KG-II

Playshaala’s Wonderboy 

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3 thoughts on “Sanskriti 2020 – Annual function – Part 3

  1. With all good respect and regards,
    Playshaala and rajubhai and family.
    We feel delighted and greatful about being honoured as guest of this programma, Sanskriti 2020. It was been felt immortal and touched heart. Something we left behind was recalled and something we still can do was been reminded.we really were in playshaala.
    I thank you so much for everything.
    મારા માતા પિતા સમા ગુરુજી અને ગુરૂપત્ની, મારા આધારસ્તંભ સમા ભાઈ બહેન અને પૂ.માતુશ્રી સાથે ઉભા રહેવાનો મને મોકો આપ્યા માટે હું આપનો ઋણી છું.
    Thank you again and all the very best for every new stap ahead.
    Dr.nilesh & dr.kashmira raithatha &family.


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