ऐ मेरे वतन के लोगों तुम खूब लगा लो नारा
ये शुभ दिन है हम सब का लहरा लो तिरंगा प्यारा

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.04.30 PM

पर मत भूलो सीमा पर वीरों ने है प्राण गँवाए
कुछ याद उन्हें भी कर लो जो लौट के घर न आये

This year we wanted to dedicate our 73rd Independence Day Celebration to our real heroes “Indian Armed Forces”. I remember it was quite an emotional moment for all of us when we visited Kargil War memorial at Drass, J&K (2015) and witnessed the conditions in which they were protecting our national interest. Literally we had goosebumps. It was an absolute display of selfless devotion towards mother land. Something can’t be described in words, only one has to experience it to believe it. (If you are more interested about the place, one can read my Kashmir-Ladakh valley trip travel diary).

Kargil War Memorial

सो जायेगी लिपटकर तिरंगे के साथ अलमारी में!

ये देश भक्ति है साहब, कुछ तारीखो पर ही जगती है!

“न पूछो ज़माने को, क्या हमारी कहानी है,

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.04.30 PM

हमारी पहचान तो सिर्फ ये है, की हम सिर्फ हिन्दुस्तानी हैं”

Wish you all a Happy Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan!

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